Rewild Community

Founder of Rewild Body&Nature

Anna Christie

Physiotherapist, somatic movement, dance, yoga and qigong teacher. Embody your values and live your life with joy and compassion.

Founder of Hänga

Vorian Maryssael

Connect with others while doing what you love. Authentic relating and Self-Leadership coach.

The Magic of Life

Courses, coaching and community.

In cocreation with amazing teachers we offer you an outstanding toolbox of high quality course bundles. Movement and Body Awareness, Nature and Elemental Connection, Self Leadership, Develop your Intuition and Master your energy. Combine your own classes, or join one of our longer courses for one to one support in your process. Build, boost and design your personal practice, get acces to our offerings by creating an account and sign in. All features are available online, to keep and integrate, designed with your wellbeing in mind. Join our Community and pick your practices, to do in your own space, at your own pace. Let us inspire you to walk your path, from an embodied authentic awareness.