Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome Wild One

    • Postural Alignment

    • Preparations

  • 2

    Spring Equinox

    • Breathing practices

    • Mindful Body Moves

    • Nature Connection

    • Fire Ceremony

  • 3

    Integrate & Conclude

    • Testimonial

Spring Equinox

20 th of March 2021

This retreat is will give you the opportunity to develop your mindful body and movement practice, using your home environment (your home and the land around you) to support you. What better way to honor your practice and somatic inquiry this spring equinox, and initiate the process of getting to know the land where you live more intimately.

Mindful Body Moves

We will honor the wisdom of our bodies. The embodiment practices  - yoga, qigong, movement, breathing, meditation and creative embodied arts will guide us toward a deep understanding of our inter connectedness.

Nature Connection

With guided meditations and inquires, you will spend some time with the earth, trees, waters, mountains and skies around you… contemplating, reflecting, feeling, walking, dialoguing, and connecting to Nature, open up to guidance. In our circle we will be sharing the experience of the practice.


10 AM (CEST) Mindful Body 

 7 PM (CEST) Sharing and Fire Ceremony

Inquires and Solo Explorations in the natural surroundings, 1-5 PM (CEST)

Explore ways to cultivate this deep feminine practice of embodying nature and the process that it starts to unlock.